Saying Goodbye

23 Apr

Hey guys,

So I’ve made the decision that I Can’t Dance will exist no more. My life here in college has taken me in interesting and exciting directions.

Regardless, I feel that my time with this blog has come to an end. For anyone who read, I will be starting a new blog with some of my friends here at West Chester. It’s actually in existence. It’s called The Arbitrary Line, and you should most definitely visit it at

I will be devoting my time to that blog, for I feel that my knowledge and enthusiasm can expand with this blog. Whereas I feel limited with my options here.

I thank all of you who have read this blog at one time or another, or maybe consistently, maybe. It was exciting.


Oh, and here’s a hipster thing to do if you want.


Campus Connections: DoYaThang

2 Mar

I have a triple whammy for you today, kind of. For a couple of years, Converse has been putting out a series of collabs titled “Three Artists, 1 Song”. Which has given some interesting collabs every summer (Matt & Kim, Soulja Boy, Andrew W.K.; Pharell, Julian Casablancas, Santigold; Best Coast, Kid Cudi, Rostam). They apparently couldn’t wait for next summer and brought out a whammy of another collab (I like that word today apparently), this time it was with Gorillaz, André 3000, and James Murphey (of LCD Sound-system.

Quick side note, saw the movie Four Brothers which Andre 3000 was in, and it said André Benjamin (which is his actual name btdubs) and I was like, pssshhhh, that’s not your name, what are you doing.

Anyways, the sheer mention of this collab is like, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, and then it happened and then your like WHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. In other words, its awesome. Basically what happened is Converse goes to James Murphey and says “We want you to make a song, the Gorillaz are your band, and André is gonna cameo, ready go.” And anytime you give James Murphey free reign to do anything with excellent music makers it’s like, mind blown.

It can be kind of awkward at first, but the more you listen to it the more you like it. And André 3000 is just, oh my god.

Anyways, other than the track itself, they created a 13 minute long jam session. It was the last day, they were done with recording, and they were like, fuck it we’ll just keep going. The result, André screaming “I’M THE SHIT” In creative ways for 8 minutes. My favorite,  “I DON’T EVEN HAVE TO SING IN KEY, I’M THE SHIT”, which is hilarious. For so many reasons.

And then they made a video, which is Gorillaz at it’s best, huge feature on 2D and a guy who we assume is André. It’s just, watch it, listen to it, yay converse.

DoYaThing – Gorillaz, James Murphey, and André 3000

DoYaThing (13 Minute Version) – Gorillaz, James Murphey, and André 3000


Campus Connections: Stellar Interstellar

22 Feb

So for those of you who don’t read my facebook, I’m planning on starting another blog for specifically West Chester people. So I Can’t Dance will be getting a sister. Or brother, idk, sister is used more often. Anyways, I’ll keep you posted on that development.

The reason I have brought that up is because there is someone here at Dub C that is significantly more educated on the indie scene than I am, which is nice for a change around here. He’s even got me going on Pitchfork…… And even though I’m still a loyal Sterogum follower, I have found that Pitchfork makes it MUCH easier to learn about albums. So the album on the top of the list is Interstellar by Frankie Rose.

Now Frankie Rose, a key member of Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls, and Crystal Stilits had tried going solo, but with a backing and under the title Frankie Rose and the Outs, which wasn’t exactly what she wanted. So she dropped the backing and subsequently the last half of the name and is now on her own as just Frankie Rose, and making much better music.

The record starts off with the title track “Interstellar” which literally puts the “stellar” into the name. The dreamy, spacey, smooth intro does not prepare you for the sudden burst of energy as the song gets to the meat. The harmony, though simple, is highly effective. The infectious “oh oh oh” that is the chorus is effective. It is evident that Frankie has traded in her punk adolescence and has promoted herself to twee-adolescence, which on paper seems like nothing, but yet is a big change. The twee is still even evident in “Pair of Wings”, as her voice just adds soothing layer after soothing layer.

Tracks like “Gospel/Grace” delves more into the pop aspect of this album, throughout the album Frankie’s voice just layers over each track like mist, with endless reverb to match. The track sounds like what Rubblebucket was trying to do but with better production quality. Tracks like “Had We Had It” has aspects of “L’Homme” by Rubblebucket, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Frankie asked Kalmia Traver to collab on her sound, it’s eerily similar.

Another change in style is her change to 80’s heavy synth and drums, displayed in “Know Me”. The main line will most certainly get into your head. Honestly, it’s like a John Hughes movie where either the main character is moping around after upsetting the one they’re crushing on, or the credits…..either way it’s super 80’s, and for anyone who knows me, I like that. The typical 80’s electronic drumbeat comes back up in “Daylight Sky”.

In conclusion, Frankie has stepped out of her punk lo-fi days and tried supplying a clean cut polished product. In that effort I feel that the album grows a tad mundane. She stacks her 3 best songs at the beginning of the album, with only “Apples for the Sun” to contribute to the last half. The rest of the album is good in its own right, but those four songs are the key tracks to the album and could have been spaced better. There are complaints that this album is a lot of the same sound with not much variation. In other words, it was too much dream synth for them to handle. Though that can be a deterring factor, I believe that to impressive on the count that Frankie knew what sound she wanted to create, and put out a whole album of that sound. She didn’t try to appeal to as wide of an audience as she could, she put out a product and said, “hope you like it!”. Some people won’t, most people will.

I leave you with tracks, and a video,


Interstellar – Frankie Rose

Frankie Rose – Gospel/Grace from Slumberland Records on Vimeo.


Campus Connections: New Light Asylum

21 Feb

Possibly one of the most intriguing bands to me, Light Asylum, are set to drop their self-titled album in the springtime. And they treated us to a little gift by leaking two songs off said album. Those tracks being “Shallow Tears” and “Genesis”.

“Light Asylum” is exactly what I love about this band, it starts with a very 80’s synth line, followed by a very very 80’s electronic drum beat. As you can tell, the entire song is super 80’s and it’s awesome. Oh, and Shannon Funchess’ vocals are unique as always.

“Genesis” is a mostly instrumental track that moves away fr0m the 80’s aspect and just stays on the electric side of things. The change of pace and style is actually welcomed.

Anyways, check it out.

Shallow Tears/Genesis – Light Asylum


Campus Connections: Shangri-La Video

20 Feb

YACHT, coming off their very successful album in Shangri-La, has recently put out a music video for the title track off the album. Noe I usually forget that this song is on the album because it is drastically different from everything else on the album. Then again, it is a ballad.

Anyways, the video isn’t trippy, or weird in any sense. Unless you count everyone wearing white as really weird. Anyways, there’s not too much to this video. A song about utopia, the video shows the duo with a bunch of people dressed in white, doing yoga, surfing, eating ice cream……party animals.

It’s interesting, and a good fit to the song, so check it out.


YACHT – Shangri-La from Jona Bechtolt on Vimeo.


Campus Connections: Dana Buoy

20 Feb

Akron/Family’s percussionist Dane Janssen has decided to make a little side project on his own. Under the name Dana Buoy, he is making his own album titled Summer Bodies set to drop May 8th.

He released his first track off of it titled, “Call To Be”. The track lives up to the summer title. This is most definitely a song I can picture myself listening to come summer time. The fast paced percussion with chill wave effects pumping out major chords is infectious. And he’s not that bad of a singer, for a drummer.


Call To Be – Dana Buoy


Campus Connections: Crooked Fingers

10 Feb

So I’m sitting here studying for a music history test, and Im being distracted as usual, so I go on Stereogum. After sifting through some material (some of which may be talked about later) I come across a video by the group Crooked Fingers. Now, I don’t really remember If I’ve ever heard them before, but I think I have and not liked them.

Regardless, this video peaked my interest. The video was all about little kids and some of the cute things that they do. Well, kind of. It at least starts that way. The video shows a toddler, and then some younger kids doing usual stuff, like pulling teeth out, making beards out of bubbles from the bath, and just sitting outside doing nothing. At first it just makes you pine for those days, where your cares were sooooo miniscule to the ones we go through now. Yet at some point the focus shifts to the girl digging up a box with shredded up photo’s of whatever. That’s when the mood shifts. There is then this weird emotion that I can’t quite put m finger on, sort of entrancing.

The music behind it could stand alone without the video. It’s got that folksy country sad song feel without it being to much like a cliche. It’s a type of song Tallest Man On Earth would produce, with a less scratchy voice singing. Regardless, it’s a slower song when you’re just in one of those moods I guess. Which is probably why I like it right now.

Anyways, check it out, enjoy
World premiere: a new Crooked Fingers video