Japandroids: Young Hearts Spark Fire

6 Sep

I’ve been listening to this song since June, but it’s truly great, and I figured I’d share it on the interwebs!

The song is simple, indeed basic is a good word to describe it. Perhaps even muddled and imperfect. However, it’s the crazy nontraditional vibe that makes this song so great. The ultra-distorted guitar riff, utilitarian and splashy backbeat, and the wailing vocals give a angst filled air of despair to the song. As if to say, “Fuck it. Let me die now.”  Deep, disturbing, wonderful.

The lyrics seem to describe a longing for a return to a hedonistic past. Youth? Singleness? Now, confronted with a sham of a life proliferated by numbness fueled with alcohol and drugs the only escape is to return to how things once where, through the window of infinite nature. Whatever the case it’s a great song to play when your pissed at the world, depressed, but also when you’re euphoric; during those rare times when you feel you transcend your sociological being, defy human nature and say. “If I where to die right now this is where I would want to be, with these people, in this place, at this time.” It’s happened. While staring at the last of a sunset, the sun rising over a lake, in a cramped car with your best friends, feeling the cool autumn wind on an August day, or by a pond at dusk. It’s ever-present; the real question is, does one follow it?

Hear! Japandroids Hear!


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