Major Lazer/La Roux: Lazerproof

11 Sep

So here’s an amazing but little known mixtape for you. From the authors of such creepy favorites as “Hold the Line” and the Tim & Eric directed “Keep it Goin’ Louder.” While this certainly isn’t the groups first collaboration it is by far the must creative and expansive. The best part of this whole deal is that the 14 track, hour-long tape is absolutely free. Basically.

Outside of a brief (Literally 10 Seconds) Email sign-up, you can download the entire mix for free from the website. If you’re worried about senseless and annoying spam, don’t. In the three months I’ve had it I’ve received one email, which happened to be quite interesting (Music news, etc.)

Onto the music, ML does a great job putting a diverse array of techno-y spins on some major hits, and other virtually unknown tracks. The first is, predictably, La Roux’s big hit “Bullet Proof.” Originally a good song in its own right, ML takes it a step further replacing her synthy breakdowns with an orchestral fill. Interesting. Awesome.

My personal favorite on the tape is a remix of Gyptian’s “Hold Yah,” which, even before I rediscovered this mixtape on my iTunes, was one of my top songs of the summer. The first 3 minutes of the song is an uncut and raw version of the original song which feels deep, and powerful. Following that comes a radical change; the beat drops and the song quickly switches to a club ready house edit. Which is driving, and utterly danceable.

Other artists featured on the album include, Drake, and Gucci Mane. (WOW). So basically this tape is a steal, and you’d be daft not to pick it up, so get out there and do it! Even if you’re not a fan of the genre it’s definitely interesting enough to deserve at least a casual listen.

Check out the album here.

Here’s La Roux’s original “Bulletproof”

And here’s Gyptian’s original “Hold Yuh”


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