Campus Connections: Crooked Fingers

10 Feb

So I’m sitting here studying for a music history test, and Im being distracted as usual, so I go on Stereogum. After sifting through some material (some of which may be talked about later) I come across a video by the group Crooked Fingers. Now, I don’t really remember If I’ve ever heard them before, but I think I have and not liked them.

Regardless, this video peaked my interest. The video was all about little kids and some of the cute things that they do. Well, kind of. It at least starts that way. The video shows a toddler, and then some younger kids doing usual stuff, like pulling teeth out, making beards out of bubbles from the bath, and just sitting outside doing nothing. At first it just makes you pine for those days, where your cares were sooooo miniscule to the ones we go through now. Yet at some point the focus shifts to the girl digging up a box with shredded up photo’s of whatever. That’s when the mood shifts. There is then this weird emotion that I can’t quite put m finger on, sort of entrancing.

The music behind it could stand alone without the video. It’s got that folksy country sad song feel without it being to much like a cliche. It’s a type of song Tallest Man On Earth would produce, with a less scratchy voice singing. Regardless, it’s a slower song when you’re just in one of those moods I guess. Which is probably why I like it right now.

Anyways, check it out, enjoy
World premiere: a new Crooked Fingers video



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