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Sara Mancuso

18 Dec


So Hello Again!

ok, I had read about Sara Mancuso in a skiing magazine a while back (for anyone who follow ski racing-probably no one haha- Sara is the Olympian Julia Mancuso’s sister and has a few backcountry skiing titles to her own name as well).  Alpine accomplishments aside, her songs are actually pretty good! Classified as indie/pop/rock, Sara and her bandmate, Jason Powers, give us awesome harmonies and really good instrumental variety for such a young band!  For some reason, and this may be entirely in my own head, she sounds almost like Ellie Goulding occasionally, especially in her track “All I Need”.   Also, check out “Remember Today” – with the peppy horns and catchy chorus, it will definitely leave you happier (hopefully).  Check her out! 

^link to her musiccc



6 Nov


In the world of overpaying for music and such, I have to say the free songs on itunes have been the beacon of light (besides of course, illegally downloading music…).  A while back I found new artist Elizaveta, and though I downloaded her song “Dreamer” solely based on the fact that it was free, I have fallen in love with this artist!

With her Russian (Regina Spektor, anyone?) and opera roots, she is able to produce the purest of notes; I can’t even describe it, her voice is just beautiful!

Here’s the vid of “Dreamer”, and might I suggest to check out her song “Snow in Venice” as well!




Hello & Avett Brothers

11 Sep

Hi Everyone!  As Tyler previously announced, I am the new blog author (yayyy).  Anyways, I hope I can provide all of you with a few bits of new music every now and then!

If anyone watched the past Grammys, you may have seen The Avett Brothers perform alongside Mumford & Sons.  A year or so ago I found two of their songs free on itunes and since then have acquired their most recent album “I and Love and You.”  Bottom line: everyone needs to get at least a few of the Avett bros. songs.  I’m not familiar with their earlier stuff (they’ve been a band since the 00’s) but I absolutely loveeeeee this album.  Although classified as “folk” “folk rock” and “alt country,” it’s pretty hard not to like these guys, no matter what genre you lean towards.   Their guitars melodies are awesome (and make me wish even more that I could learn guitar) and the lead singers, Scott and Seth, (the brothers themselves), have distintive voices that provide brillant and smooth vocals.

My Favorites from the album:

Ten Thousand Words- If I knew guitar, this would be the number one song I would learn.  The song is simple but the harmonies of the vocalist are beautiful.

Kick Drum Heart- Upbeat and super-catchy

Slight Figure of Speech- The lyrics are smart and the ‘speed-talking’ in the middle makes me love it even more

Head full of Doubt/Road full of Promise-  One of the more popular songs of the album, along with the title track.  The lyrics are deep and it also has a great music vid.

All in all, go on itunes or wherever and get them…