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31 Aug

So I was listening to serious on my way to Staples today when I heard “Windstorm” by School of Seven Bells again, except this time, in traffic, and 3 minutes away I decided to actually listen to it. Bottom line; I’m impressed.

The Deheza twin’s vocals  (That’s right, twin vocalists!) are bittersweet and mature. Their sound reminds one of a cross between animal collective, and Dirty Projectors. The MGMT inspired  recurring loop first played at the begging of the song is catchy, and 100 percent hummable. Watch, it’ll happen. Their seemingly abstract, but self-professed coherent lyrics are interesting to say the least. “When the fire’s burning from sky to ground. Swing my weight around. Begin the windstorm.” I feel like windstorm is some kind of secret move in street fighter… “BEGIN THE WINDSTORM!!!” I think we have a theme for Street Fighter V!

All kidding aside, the song is great, funny, and catchy as hell, so check it out, the nifty Windstorm – Ep sells for 3 bucks on iTunes, so… GO GET IT! (The other tracks are cool as well, more chill-wave, and slower paced)

Check out “Windstorm” here!


Foals: Total Life Forever (Not to be confused with

30 Aug

So I finally buckled down, stole my brothers iTunes gift card, and purchased Foals’ new album, Total Life Forever. I had heard odd bits and pieces of it in friends cars, on YouTube, and so-on, but honestly you cannot quite appreciate the deep beauty of this album until you’ve got a good hour or so to sit down and listen to it straight through.

The album begins with the fabulous “Blue Blood” which, oddly enough, like the album itself, starts with deep, reflective, vocals with smatterings of heavily filtered guitar. Eventually the song progresses to the point of entrance for the distinct exponential gains and decays of very math-rocky synths. The song ends powerfully, with a memorable guitar line, and distinct intensity.

Moving on down we arrive at “Spanish Sahara,” the seven minute piece de’ la resistance of the album. It starts with hauntingly melancholy, echoed vocals, eventually followed by an ominous guitar and bass line. From there the song experiences quick gains followed by prolific musical plateaus. The song ends with an overpowering electronic line that drowns out everything down to the once prevalent vocals. The song is amazing and deceivingly quick. Six minutes simply isn’t enough to encompass the intelligence of this song; the song will pass before you can even appreciate its depth, and haunting individuality.

The rest of the album follows suit in terms of quality. Foals: NOT The Foals, continue to be band that defies the restrictive concept of a “genre” so-to-speak. If you’re familiar with any of the groups previous albums you will be undoubtably be surprised with the maturity, and distinction of the album. It is not as if the boys from Oxford have changed musical direction, but rather grown-up; ventured out into a new plane of musical dimensions. However you phrase it, it’s a good thing.

Check out Spanish Sahara here… If you’re looking for something a bit more serious check out

The Drums: The Drums

22 Aug

The Drums is an album that’s dripping of  60’s surf rock influence, which, with the recent popularity of similar bands such as Surfer Blood, and The Soft Pack, seems to be all the rage in the hipster-infested neighborhoods of Brooklyn these days, and let me be the first to say: I like it!

The album starts off with the surf-poppy, and oddly macabre “Best Friend.” An electronic drum-kit and spacey synths provide an electronic overtone for the familiar guitar licks, and Jonathan Pierce’s deep and imperfect vocalizations. The result is a strangely catchy, yet supremely listenable track.

Moving on to the hit single “Let’s Go Surfing” is as surfy as it gets. Twangy electric guitars, and a familiar bass line provide for a great 60’s sound. The surf-brat inflection is the icing on the cake, as you will surely find yourself nasally and obnoxiously singing along after the first chorus.

The final track I want to highlight is “Down by the Water.” A masterpiece of echoey synths and vocals. It’s set in the style of The Crew-Cuts, timeless “Earth Angel” it’s a song that reminds you somewhat of an eighties high school prom; contrary to the awkwardness that analogy might bring it’s actually quite ingenious and worth a look.

So definitely check out “The Drums” and their self-entitled album. While it’s getting a little late for a summer anthem, you might very well find it amongst these tracks!   [Best Friend- The Drums]

-Love, Ray Lapinski

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! (Hello Everyone)

22 Aug

So as you might have heard, I (Ray Lapinski) am the new author for ICDSS! Basically my goal is to provide you with the freshest of fresh beats consistently, enthusiastically, and with ample literary flair! I would describe my musical taste as eclectic (which coincidentally also fairly accurately describes my personality). I hope your fractionally as excited as I am, and I look forward to our bright future together! So, as writing about yourself is unbelievably awkward I’m going to cut this one short. Write yah soon! Love, me.