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Saying Goodbye

23 Apr

Hey guys,

So I’ve made the decision that I Can’t Dance will exist no more. My life here in college has taken me in interesting and exciting directions.

Regardless, I feel that my time with this blog has come to an end. For anyone who read, I will be starting a new blog with some of my friends here at West Chester. It’s actually in existence. It’s called The Arbitrary Line, and you should most definitely visit it at

I will be devoting my time to that blog, for I feel that my knowledge and enthusiasm can expand with this blog. Whereas I feel limited with my options here.

I thank all of you who have read this blog at one time or another, or maybe consistently, maybe. It was exciting.


Oh, and here’s a hipster thing to do if you want.


Campus Connections: Crooked Fingers

10 Feb

So I’m sitting here studying for a music history test, and Im being distracted as usual, so I go on Stereogum. After sifting through some material (some of which may be talked about later) I come across a video by the group Crooked Fingers. Now, I don’t really remember If I’ve ever heard them before, but I think I have and not liked them.

Regardless, this video peaked my interest. The video was all about little kids and some of the cute things that they do. Well, kind of. It at least starts that way. The video shows a toddler, and then some younger kids doing usual stuff, like pulling teeth out, making beards out of bubbles from the bath, and just sitting outside doing nothing. At first it just makes you pine for those days, where your cares were sooooo miniscule to the ones we go through now. Yet at some point the focus shifts to the girl digging up a box with shredded up photo’s of whatever. That’s when the mood shifts. There is then this weird emotion that I can’t quite put m finger on, sort of entrancing.

The music behind it could stand alone without the video. It’s got that folksy country sad song feel without it being to much like a cliche. It’s a type of song Tallest Man On Earth would produce, with a less scratchy voice singing. Regardless, it’s a slower song when you’re just in one of those moods I guess. Which is probably why I like it right now.

Anyways, check it out, enjoy
World premiere: a new Crooked Fingers video


Sara Mancuso

18 Dec


So Hello Again!

ok, I had read about Sara Mancuso in a skiing magazine a while back (for anyone who follow ski racing-probably no one haha- Sara is the Olympian Julia Mancuso’s sister and has a few backcountry skiing titles to her own name as well).  Alpine accomplishments aside, her songs are actually pretty good! Classified as indie/pop/rock, Sara and her bandmate, Jason Powers, give us awesome harmonies and really good instrumental variety for such a young band!  For some reason, and this may be entirely in my own head, she sounds almost like Ellie Goulding occasionally, especially in her track “All I Need”.   Also, check out “Remember Today” – with the peppy horns and catchy chorus, it will definitely leave you happier (hopefully).  Check her out! 

^link to her musiccc


6 Nov


In the world of overpaying for music and such, I have to say the free songs on itunes have been the beacon of light (besides of course, illegally downloading music…).  A while back I found new artist Elizaveta, and though I downloaded her song “Dreamer” solely based on the fact that it was free, I have fallen in love with this artist!

With her Russian (Regina Spektor, anyone?) and opera roots, she is able to produce the purest of notes; I can’t even describe it, her voice is just beautiful!

Here’s the vid of “Dreamer”, and might I suggest to check out her song “Snow in Venice” as well!





8 Sep

As soon as I posted about Hello Sadness, LC! leaked the first track off the album. It’s called “By Your Hand”


Ok, so its not the same sound as ANYTHING they have done so far. BUT ITS STILL FREAKING AWESOME.

So you all need to go to their website., wicked hard. And you get a nifty free download of the track.

Gah! Here’s a vid!

Harriet’s not in the video or on the track. When did she leave?


New Los Campesinos! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 Sep

So I know I’m a little behind in my post about this for anyone who is as hard core of a fan as I am. However, for the casual fan, this should be pertinent information for you.

LC! is releasing a new album, titled Hello Sadness. And hopefully this is another gem by LC! I mean, I didn’t necessarily like the direction that they have taken with some of their Heat Rash material. Or even post Romance Is Boring. But I believe that was because Aleks left the band, and they picked up Kim, Jason and Rob along the way. Regardless, the tracks grew on me. All of them, even if I didn’t like them at first, after steady listening I realized that these songs are on par with their previous material.

But regardless of how I felt about the songs, they did not deter my super adoration of this group. And neither will Hello Sadness.

This album, being either the last or second to last (depending on when they recorded Heat Rash #2) music with Harriet still in the band. So to me this seems like a farewell to Harriet, she will be missed.

Anyways, the whole point of this post was to inform you that Hello Sadness will be dropping in November (ugggh, longest three months ever) and you should pick it up. Whether your a die hard, or just someone who listens to WAB, WAD on occasion, you should check it out.

AND, right now, you should consider going on their website and pre-ordering the album, BECAUSE, you get so much cool stuff! If you pre-order you get either the vinyl, or a CD/DVD (depending on the package you choose), a t-shirt made for Hello Sadness specifically, a CD of demo’s from the HON,Y… days, and the digital download for the tracks. However, if you are not a Heat Rash member, because everything is priced in pounds, you may be paying a total of $50…..If your a Heat Rash member, $40.


Anyways, pre-order, if you so choose, or wait, if you so choose. If anything leaks out, I will let you guys know.

As you were,


New Feist

28 Aug

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Been kinda busy.

So I was really excited when I saw this. I mean, after Apple stopped playing “1, 2, 3, 4” over, and over, and over, and over. There is not a single person who can say they don’t like Feist. And for those of you who don’t, I really want to know why.

Anyways, she has a new album coming up (finally) after the success of her first one The Reminder, this one is called Metals. She debuted a single off Metals called “How Come You Never Go There”.

Her voice is as smokey as ever, and it seems like another great track from her. It does seem a little darker than normal. Then again, most of her songs were very pop-y anyways. This may be a step in the right direction.

Anyways, def check it out, the main melody will get stuck in your head, I guarantee. It’s kind of repetitive…