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Lambert the Queen

8 Feb

So apparently on the 3rd of February, it was announce that 2009 American Idol winner and always controversial rocker Adam Lambert will be joining rockers Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen for Europe’s Sonisphere festival as Queen’s latest front man.

As everyone on the face of the planet knows, no one can replace or replicate Freddie Mercury’s voice for some reason. I mean, there’s a Filipino Steve Perry….

Anyways, I guess they are looking for a new sound on old songs after experimenting with Bad Company’s Paul Rodgers.

So, anyone want to discuss? Por favor?



Breaking News: Arcade Fire Wins Album of the Year

13 Feb

At the Grammy’s that is. Didn’t think it would happen, totally deserved.

And mumford & sons had the best performance.

here’s a track

Ready to Start – Arcade Fire

that is all


Continuing Contra Controversy

6 Dec

Ok, so I know I haven’t posted on here for about…a month. However, my uber busy schedule has lightened up a little bit. So yesterday, instead of finding old stuff and playing pokemon, I found some new stuff! Yay!!! And I still played pokemon!!!! Anyways, while surfing through, I see that the whole situation over the summer with Vampire Weekend and the cover of their album Contra is still not over. Plus, it has aptly been given the title;

Yes, I did create this through paint. Thank you, thank you very much.

Anyways, in case you don’t know, Vampire Weekend was sued in July for the cover of their album Contra, by the model of the photo; Kirsten Kennis. However, what Vampire Weekend understood was that they received the photo from photographer Tod Brody. So in other words, it all comes down to this guy. Plus, his “story” does not necessarily check out. Therefore, both parties (VW and KK) are eagerly awaiting the response from Brody.

There’s one problem though….they can’t find him.

So, if they can’t find him because he’s off hiding in the himalaya’s, and VW has to pay up for this. Maybe they can do a politically correct holiday album, (they’re mostly there already).

Hitting The Big Waves

13 Sep

That’s what Surfer Blood, one of the best bands out there (and one of Ray’s favorites) is doing. It’s looking as if Surfer Blood has signed a deal with Warner Bros. This is all according to an interview off of BrightestYoungThings with the lead singer J.P. Pitts.

At the current moment Surfer Blood is under Kanine Records, and they plan to release on EP under that label before they put out a dual release under Kanine and Warner Bros.

So, call them sellouts or call them what you will, they’re a good band that was bound to hit it bigger than they currently are. So here’s to hoping they keep all that is them in their adventures in pseudo mainstream.


Contra Controversy

19 Jul

First off, to the 1 or 2 people that might read my blog, sorry that i haven’t posted anything in the last couple of days. Weekends are near impossible for me to do anything technology related. However, i’m back now.

Ok, so, went on stereogum today, and on the side i noticed an article about Vampire Weekend. Now VW is one of my favorite bands, and i love nearly everything that they put out. So, i checked the article out. Turns out, Vampire Weekend is being sued. By who? For what? Well, for their cover art for “Contra”. Which looks like this:

Well it turns out that this is a picture of a woman named Kirsten Kennis, and the picture is from 1983. Well, even though the album was released in November, she is deciding to sue VW in July. TMZ tells us this:

“The model is Kirsten Kennis — who claims she took the original photo way back in 1983 — and had no idea it was being featured on the album “Contra” … until after the band began to promote it back in November. In a lawsuit, filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, Kennis claims she thinks it all has to do with a “photographic release” that the band obtained from a photographer named Tod Brody. Problem is, Kennis claims the signature on the release is a forgery. Kennis blames the band for not verifying the legitimacy of the release — and is suing VW and the photog for more than $2 mil.”

So in other words, a woman is suing VW because she didn’t realize her face was on the cover of an extremely popular, extremely advertised album released…9 months ago.

Well, lets hope that this gets sorted out in a good way.

Kicking Things Off

13 Jul

With a Los Campesinos! named and themed blog, i may as well start off with some Los Campesinos!

LC! is releasing a re-workings EP called “All’s Well That Ends”, out next week.

The EP contains 4 tracks:
1. “Romance Is Boring (Princess Version)”
2. “Letters from Me to Charlotte (RSVP)”
3. “Straight In at 101/It’s Never Enough”
4. “(All’s Well That Ends) In Medias Res”

So, here is Romance Is Boring, off of


Romance Is Boring (Princess Version)