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Exciting News!

8 Sep

So I Can’t Dance has some exciting news…’s getting a new author! Yay!

A, because now that im in college, I have yet to sit down and scour the internet to find the newest, or newish stuff that I find interesting. Or utterly awful…

B, cause Ray’s a slacker.

C, kind of hoping this gets passed through the ages.

So, our new author will be going by the name hhhccc, so please, have open minds when reading her first posts and accept her into the I Can’t Dance community. Even though for most of my readers she lives in your actual community, and neither Ray nor I do….

Anyways, hopefully now posting wont be so sparse…



Wanted: Fresh Meat.

3 Aug

Here we are. My blog has reached over a year. I don’t really think much has changed haha. We picked up Ray (though you could never tell). Hit 100 posts. Hit 6…comments. Anyways. A year has happened, a year which brought me from high school senior to college freshman.

Moral of the story, i’m gonna be off to college in a month. and my major, music education. This means, the only free time I have is spent sleeping, and poss eating, if i have the time. Which means, if i’m left as the sole person in charge of this blog, it will prob cease to exist by the time November comes along. Plus, my tastes are bound to change and I may start diving into the super hipster, super weird, and you guys may not like.

So, i’m calling out to all of my readers. I know there are at least a couple of you…

I need someone who wants to write for this blog and continue this on just in case I cannot.

Here are my requirements,

1. Must be a NWR7 person (I think thats my only audience anyways)

2. Must be a junior or younger.

3. Must be an all around cool person.

4. MUST like Los Campesinos!

(btdubs, if you don’t fall under #4, it’s ok, you don’t have to.)


(but for reals, #4 is still important)

Anyways, anyone who may be interested, contact me via FB, text, e-mail, whatever. Just hit me up.




3 Oct

In other words, I have just bought myself another external hard drive with about 300 gigs of space. Therefore, I CAN DOWNLOAD NEW MUSIC AGAIN…YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY. So, you will be returned to your regular programing very shortly.

Thank you very much


Extra! Extra! Read All About It! (Hello Everyone)

22 Aug

So as you might have heard, I (Ray Lapinski) am the new author for ICDSS! Basically my goal is to provide you with the freshest of fresh beats consistently, enthusiastically, and with ample literary flair! I would describe my musical taste as eclectic (which coincidentally also fairly accurately describes my personality). I hope your fractionally as excited as I am, and I look forward to our bright future together! So, as writing about yourself is unbelievably awkward I’m going to cut this one short. Write yah soon! Love, me.

Fresh Meat!

19 Aug

ICDASS, that’s a weird acronym……ick-dass. Anyways, I Can’t Dance (that works better) IS in fact getting a new author, (yaaaay, i’m not by myself!!). His name his ray, and we should be hearing from him fairly soon.

He is 10 times better, (and 10 times luckier), at finding really awesome new stuff. And sometimes really awesome old stuff. Yet, we do share a passion for the same styles and love to share what we find. His preferences are a bit different from mine, so that will add a lot to this blog.

Plus, he spends a lot of time on his wicked awesome MacBook, so he can find things and do things faster. Whereas I rely on my super shitty iBook that is like, 10 years old and can’t support YouTube.

So, hopefully we will hear from him soon, so that you can stop relying on me! Yay!

Kicking Things Off

13 Jul

With a Los Campesinos! named and themed blog, i may as well start off with some Los Campesinos!

LC! is releasing a re-workings EP called “All’s Well That Ends”, out next week.

The EP contains 4 tracks:
1. “Romance Is Boring (Princess Version)”
2. “Letters from Me to Charlotte (RSVP)”
3. “Straight In at 101/It’s Never Enough”
4. “(All’s Well That Ends) In Medias Res”

So, here is Romance Is Boring, off of


Romance Is Boring (Princess Version)