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Campus Connections: DoYaThang

2 Mar

I have a triple whammy for you today, kind of. For a couple of years, Converse has been putting out a series of collabs titled “Three Artists, 1 Song”. Which has given some interesting collabs every summer (Matt & Kim, Soulja Boy, Andrew W.K.; Pharell, Julian Casablancas, Santigold; Best Coast, Kid Cudi, Rostam). They apparently couldn’t wait for next summer and brought out a whammy of another collab (I like that word today apparently), this time it was with Gorillaz, André 3000, and James Murphey (of LCD Sound-system.

Quick side note, saw the movie Four Brothers which Andre 3000 was in, and it said André Benjamin (which is his actual name btdubs) and I was like, pssshhhh, that’s not your name, what are you doing.

Anyways, the sheer mention of this collab is like, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, and then it happened and then your like WHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. In other words, its awesome. Basically what happened is Converse goes to James Murphey and says “We want you to make a song, the Gorillaz are your band, and André is gonna cameo, ready go.” And anytime you give James Murphey free reign to do anything with excellent music makers it’s like, mind blown.

It can be kind of awkward at first, but the more you listen to it the more you like it. And André 3000 is just, oh my god.

Anyways, other than the track itself, they created a 13 minute long jam session. It was the last day, they were done with recording, and they were like, fuck it we’ll just keep going. The result, André screaming “I’M THE SHIT” In creative ways for 8 minutes. My favorite,  “I DON’T EVEN HAVE TO SING IN KEY, I’M THE SHIT”, which is hilarious. For so many reasons.

And then they made a video, which is Gorillaz at it’s best, huge feature on 2D and a guy who we assume is André. It’s just, watch it, listen to it, yay converse.

DoYaThing – Gorillaz, James Murphey, and André 3000

DoYaThing (13 Minute Version) – Gorillaz, James Murphey, and André 3000



Campus Connections: Shangri-La Video

20 Feb

YACHT, coming off their very successful album in Shangri-La, has recently put out a music video for the title track off the album. Noe I usually forget that this song is on the album because it is drastically different from everything else on the album. Then again, it is a ballad.

Anyways, the video isn’t trippy, or weird in any sense. Unless you count everyone wearing white as really weird. Anyways, there’s not too much to this video. A song about utopia, the video shows the duo with a bunch of people dressed in white, doing yoga, surfing, eating ice cream……party animals.

It’s interesting, and a good fit to the song, so check it out.


YACHT – Shangri-La from Jona Bechtolt on Vimeo.


Campus Connections: Eugene Shotgun

9 Feb

So last semester I showed you guys a video by brit-rocker Eugene McGuinness by the title of “Lion”. Well, he has done another one with the same directors, this time titled “Shotgun” (simple titles).

The best part about this video is that it follows the same exact pattern and formula as “Lion”. Eugene just sings and oozes with cool confidence and general bad-assery. Even as he’s thrown through the air and shit blows up, he manages to stay classy in his threads and cool, unaware of the apartment blowing up behind him (not a very perceptive guy). The only difference with this video is that directors Thirtytwo choose to do this video in black and white, rather than vibrant colors in “Lion”.

In terms of the music, Eugene’s british with rockabilly infused sound is played brilliantly in this track. A hook that gets stuck in your head, and backup parts that add the right amount of flavor to the track. In both song and video form, “Lion” and “Shotgun” go hand in hand with each other.



Campus Connections: Hello Sadness Video

21 Nov

Ok, so in case you haven’t heard, which with me would be quite impossible. Los Campesinos! produced their next album Hello Sadness about two weeks ago. I am soooooooo stoked that I now have time to really sit there and listen to this album, because I guarantee that it will be amazinggggggg.

Anyways, sitting here because I have been up since like, 6 with nothing to do. So I finally got to go on stereogum. After looking at some posts, I come across the best videos of the week. LO AND BEHOLD, LOS CAMPESINOS!’ VIDEO FOR “HELLO SADNESS” IS ON THERE. And I watched it, and it’s uber creative, and just, brilliant, brilliant.

The video is about all the stupid shit that people do to themselves in order for things to work out in their relationships. Kim is fulfilling the typical woman stereotype of cleaning everything. Gareth is being dragged everywhere, and Rob is just being shoved with spaghetti (SPURGY!) and wine, and chocolate. It’s really weird and a bit demonic because all of the band members significant others are in black bags like terrorists. It’s kinda creepy, but it is just absolutely perfect. Perfect.

Anyways, I shall hopefully be posting a review of the album soon. So look for that, it may be in, February….

Hrr’s the vid.



Campus Connections: Creepy Children

24 Oct

So, as I promised with my last post, I will be talking about M83’s video for “Midnight City” today.

Now, the main picture for Stereogum’s 5 best video’s of the week has a screenshot of this video. And it looks a little something like this,

Now that’s creepy on its own, however it reminds me of another video. A video by (sigh), Skrillex. Now, Im not really a fan of dubstep. I mean, I will listen to it if it has ANY sense of originality in the piece, and not just the sound of someone’s sub-woofers being thrown into the middle of an intersection. However, the song “First of The Year (Equinox)” is actually pretty good, and the video is INSANE. It looks a little something like this,

Anyways, that brings me to the fact that both have creepy children in them and its kind of awesome.

Secondly, the video has the creepy children with super powers. I have been watching Heroes for the last like, month, so I was like, sweeeeeeet. Anyways, all the children use their powers to like, break free from a prison or something and then go to warehouse and just like, throw shit against the wall. I don’t get the purpose but its still pretty cool. And their eyes light up, and its an insane shade of blue, I just, colors. But the video is actually kind of sweet the way the kids interact with each other.

The song is super awesome too. Stereogum used the words “cinematic grandeur” for both the song and video, and I agree.

So check the sheesh out. Enjoy,

link to video, because apparently it wont let me post two in one post


Campus Connections: “Lion”

23 Oct

So I finally got a chance to go on Stereogum and see what i’ve been missing for a while. One of the first things on there was this weeks best video’s. The number being 5, there was a spare amount of video’s to view. However, there were some good ones. M83’s “Midnight City” which was very good (and hopefully I will write a review for), and a song by Eugene McGuinness called “Lion”.

Now this song starts like a very interesting Brit-rock song. Yet oddly enough its very refreshing. McGuinness kind of has a voice and sound similar to that of Arcade Fire. So for someone like me it was good. And the bridge of the song is something that of the Black Keys, so he has a good sound/voice. The melody is easy to catch on to. So it’s a good song to pick up.

The video however is pretty entertaining. At the very beginning the video opens up to him standing in front of 4 girls dressed in costumes that vaguely resemble orange jumpsuits. It’s pretty funny actually. The entire time the video is going on, McGuinness seems to be completely unaware of the awesome and brilliant dancing that is happening behind him. Or he just chooses to not acknowledge it. Some of my favorite moments are when he is just chilling there not even singing and the one chick in suspenders is going nuts behind him. And when there’s a panned view of him walking and the 4 girls are doing this weird wave thing, it kinda awesome.

The imagery with the blue circles and red chairs is pretty cool too.

Anyways, here’s the vid, check it out.

till the next time,


Rain Dance Maggie Video

30 Aug

Went on the gum and found that one of the most recent topics is about Red Hot Chili Peppers and their latest song off their upcoming album I’m With You which is set to dropping TODAY. Recently they leaked the song “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie” which I posted on here and asked you guys for your opinion. Which, NONE, of you actually did.

Regardless, they put out a video for the song. And I honestly like this video. The concept is wicked simple, they are literally just jamming out on a rooftop in Venice Beach with a steady crowd of people eventually coming out. It’s a pretty good video. I think it captures the infectious energy that they have. Plus, it was in Cali. I so want to be in Cali.

Plus, lead singer Anthony Keidis has this super cheesy mustache and Off! hat which looks pretty entertaining. And the new guitarist looks like someone I would hang out with.


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