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12 Jul

So apparently Miley Cyrus decided that it would be a good idea for her to sing a cover of Gorillaz “On Melancholy Hill”.

It was awful. Her voice was just, not good. At one point she even sang the musical line the bells play, and I can’t really tell you how the rest of it went cause I only heard the sound of me vomiting.

Now to be fair, it wasn’t ear shattering bad, but she still ruined a perfectly great song.

Here’s the vid.

And to be a little bit more fair. It’s not as bad as this…


sorry, had to puke again



Whaaaaaat???? Again

14 Feb

So surfin on stereogum looking for some new stuff, I instead came across two very very very, very, interesting posts. The two where so confusing, and a tad infuriating, that i decided to create a new category. The WTF???? category. Dedicated to those things in the music world that make you go…what?

So, speaking of those things, Ezra Koenig, better known as the frontman for Vampire Weekend. He decided to post some videos of him covering Dave Matthews. Now this would seem all well and good. He chose to cover “Crash” by DMB. But I wouldn’t necessarily call this a “cover”, more like a…I don’t even know, just watch.

I don’t know if he was drunk, stoned, both. But this is really really bad, and quite pathetic. It would be interesting to see if this is a sneak peak into future VW material, but i think it’s more vindication for Ezra, seeming as the words “fuk the haters” is put underneath.

Worst part is, he didn’t even stop there.

I don’t even…

And then he has this.

1, it’s not even “Crash” it’s “Satelite”, so why did he title it “Crash Take 2”? 2, the people who replied said things like “great guitar playing” and “I love it” and “What kind of dog is that?”. Really, come on, he doesn’t even have a guitar in his hands, let alone the fact that he’s playing DMB’s original.

All in all, Ezra just gets a, WTF???? from me.