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Lambert the Queen

8 Feb

So apparently on the 3rd of February, it was announce that 2009 American Idol winner and always controversial rocker Adam Lambert will be joining rockers Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen for Europe’s Sonisphere festival as Queen’s latest front man.

As everyone on the face of the planet knows, no one can replace or replicate Freddie Mercury’s voice for some reason. I mean, there’s a Filipino Steve Perry….

Anyways, I guess they are looking for a new sound on old songs after experimenting with Bad Company’s Paul Rodgers.

So, anyone want to discuss? Por favor?



Exciting News!

8 Sep

So I Can’t Dance has some exciting news…’s getting a new author! Yay!

A, because now that im in college, I have yet to sit down and scour the internet to find the newest, or newish stuff that I find interesting. Or utterly awful…

B, cause Ray’s a slacker.

C, kind of hoping this gets passed through the ages.

So, our new author will be going by the name hhhccc, so please, have open minds when reading her first posts and accept her into the I Can’t Dance community. Even though for most of my readers she lives in your actual community, and neither Ray nor I do….

Anyways, hopefully now posting wont be so sparse…


Riots Hit Hard

10 Aug

So the youth of London and Great Britain have started to express their anger at their government and have been rioting.

These riots, which started last friday the 5th, seem as if they are straight out of a Clash song. Young Londoner’s are fighting back against their government, fighting against the “rich millionaires who run our country” and fighting to be better represented.

And, late Monday night, the rioters got to something pretty important (to us at least). Sony’s Enfield warehouse was set ablaze. Now this is especially depressing, because not only is a music warehouse being burned, but it’s a warehouse that was the main distribution hub for some prominent labels. Labels such as Sub Pop (Fleet Foxes, Iron & Wine), XL (Vampire Weekend, Radiohead, Tyler the Creator), Beggars Group (Beirut, Bon Iver), and Domino (Arctic Monkeys, Twin Sister).

So, this means that alot of our favorite groups will be experiencing major setbacks in the upcoming year.

Our hopes are out to everyone in London, that this can settle down.


Wanted: Fresh Meat.

3 Aug

Here we are. My blog has reached over a year. I don’t really think much has changed haha. We picked up Ray (though you could never tell). Hit 100 posts. Hit 6…comments. Anyways. A year has happened, a year which brought me from high school senior to college freshman.

Moral of the story, i’m gonna be off to college in a month. and my major, music education. This means, the only free time I have is spent sleeping, and poss eating, if i have the time. Which means, if i’m left as the sole person in charge of this blog, it will prob cease to exist by the time November comes along. Plus, my tastes are bound to change and I may start diving into the super hipster, super weird, and you guys may not like.

So, i’m calling out to all of my readers. I know there are at least a couple of you…

I need someone who wants to write for this blog and continue this on just in case I cannot.

Here are my requirements,

1. Must be a NWR7 person (I think thats my only audience anyways)

2. Must be a junior or younger.

3. Must be an all around cool person.

4. MUST like Los Campesinos!

(btdubs, if you don’t fall under #4, it’s ok, you don’t have to.)


(but for reals, #4 is still important)

Anyways, anyone who may be interested, contact me via FB, text, e-mail, whatever. Just hit me up.



Spotify Lands!

19 Jul

So Spotify, the online music site which takes the concept of Grooveshark, the organization of iTunes, and the sharing capability of Facebook, and rolls it all into this funny European packed ball, which has been so elusive in my quest for a complete Los Campesinos! library, is finally hitting the U.S!

Spotify is an online music site, that has pretty much any track youcould want ever (I hope) all at the touch of a finger. It’s the same concept Grooveshark goes for without the mess and unavailability. It also allows you to create a library and create playlists on your laptop, just like iTunes. Plus, it allows you to share your music with your friends, like Facebook (and like Ping, but not as stupid). It was a major hit in Europe and it is all coming to the U.S.  With a catch…

There are 3 ways to enjoy Spotify. There is the free version (I like free) which gives you unlimited access to music, but, even though it’s the mixture of all those sites I mentioned up there, it also mixes in the kinks of Pandora. The free version gives you time limits and ads. AND, you have to get an invite. I gave them my e-mail to get an invite, but I don’t know where that gets me.

Then there is Spotify Unlimited, you now have unlimited access to music with no time limits and no ads. BUT, it costs $4.99 a month.

Then there’s Spotify Premium, which is all the benefits of Unlimited, but with a couple more bonuses. Like the ability to still access your profile, even when you have no internet connection. And getting it on your phone. AND, you have the chance at listening to new stuff before it’s released, and everything is at a higher quality. AND…it costs $9.99 per month. That would be great, if I wasn’t a college student.

So, very exciting news, and something to ponder. Should I go for free, or pay $5 a month (I can’t afford $10). PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS TO TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK.

thank you,



12 Jul

So apparently Miley Cyrus decided that it would be a good idea for her to sing a cover of Gorillaz “On Melancholy Hill”.

It was awful. Her voice was just, not good. At one point she even sang the musical line the bells play, and I can’t really tell you how the rest of it went cause I only heard the sound of me vomiting.

Now to be fair, it wasn’t ear shattering bad, but she still ruined a perfectly great song.

Here’s the vid.

And to be a little bit more fair. It’s not as bad as this…


sorry, had to puke again


Watch Scenes From The Suburbs…Almost

29 Jun

So I went on my favorite sites, and then I get really stoked because I see that Arcade Fire’s short film project, titled “Scenes From The Suburbs”directed by Spike Jonze, is finally ready to be viewed. After months and months of trailers and other hints, I’m so glad its ready. So I click on the link. And…

Let me zoom up on this so you can see what happened…


I was so upset.

So, if anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know.